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Feel the art, relive magical moments ...

" Reborn Website. New Projects. Decadent Quality. No limits. " 
THE STORY of Fine-Art Master Photographer Jovicic Thomas aka PixelGigant, based in Roeselare, Belgium.

The Art of Photography

" The moment that light and subject, viewing angle and thought, meet finesse, on the right camera, that is skillfulllly used, with an end product in mind, to be cherished for ages ... "

- PixelGigant -

I welcome you to my website and hope you enjoy your visit.
Take your time, relax. Feel the magic as you would have been there on the moments I have highlighted for you.
Believe me, it's easier than you think.

"What I want to bring is, extraordinary quality to the hands of my extraordinary customers."

When you see a child smiling, smell the scent of a pinecone forest at dawn, see your beloved pet make a goofy face,
it brings up emotions, colours and feelings and it is especially this that PixelGigant want you to percieve with my selection highlighted for you.

For quite a while, as PixelGigant, I have been searching for perfection in the most magical ways.
Years of persistance and a hunger for "more" brought us together here and now.

My love for planet earth in its broadest sense, is the reason why I handle a lot of disciplines in my own way. 
I document Weddings and Milestones in your life with the same love I share for Studio and Fine-Art Photography,
both revealing my admiration for mankind and all it's imperfections.

Admitting that PixelGigant is specialized in many things, is the right thing you could say.

Avoiding mass productions and encouraging the passion for quality above the price is what PixelGigant stands for.

" A professional photographer sells what he gets paid for, a Master Photographer gets paid for what he sells. PixelGigant finds a balance in between. "

- PixelGigant -

In the menu above we reveal the disciplines we interact in. Check it out to learn more about us, our vision, our passion, only in highest quality.
everything but luckyshots

" Experience. Medium Format Gear. Craftsmanship. Dedication. Next-level Editing. Luxury. "

- PixelGigant -

As you plan a wedding and invest in it, so should the photoshoot be as well. Becoming a collection of naturally taken cherished memories.
The stage is the wedding and you are the lead.

The Documentary Photography Service " PixelStones " is our proposal to you.
Captured for you to relive the joyfull and magic moments.
An investment for life, cherished for decades by generations.
so much more than the mainstream​​​​​​

" High-End Fine-Art Photography. Fairly priced. "
- PixelGigant -

As a company, we want you to feel special. Because you should.
​​​​​​​Do you also think outside the box, and look beyond the mainstream ? We surely do.

" When only one of the bests, meets your needs. "
​​​​​​​- PixelGigant -
PixelGigant wants to meet your needs, embrace them, study them and create a exquisite Fine-Art product loved for decades.


" Your moments of glory "​​​​​​​

- PixelGigant -

PixelGigant, For you, to feel great on these uniquely chosen moments in time.

" ... not just a hobby or a job, a love or passion , the truth or fantasy. It’s the art of getting all these things together. "

​​​​​​​- PixelGigant -​

We want you to experience photography as a therapy.  The warm welcomes, the talks, the peace, the mindfullness, revealing your inner person into a piece of Art.

      " Dream. Space. Time. Light. Technology. Utopia. ... the Art of Photography "

- PixelGigant -​
Specialty prints are ordered at the best Printing Labs in the world. Always the highest quality.

" Pro Fine-Art Printservice in our own Printlab. "

- PixelGigant -


" Own craftysmanship ensures great in-house artistic bodypainting "

- PixelGigant -

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