Your Dreamed photoshoot, "catched" in Fine-Art Artworks by a Master in Photography...


Studio sessions that are theme-based with a sway of art by PixelGigant.
Call it artistic, sensual, fluffy, romantic, girly, painterly, classy, outspoken, retro and..

Like almost everyone who is interested in a photoshoot, you dream to have that special and enchanted look. The point is : You do !
There is no question. We can make it real.

Let us reveal the sensual personality hidden within you ...
While you enjoy that unique experience, we will be coaching you with a smile.

It is not about being perfect, it is about being you.
Everyone can become a picture, but it only becomes art in the hands of a skillfull photographer.
" A PixelDreams session is a wellbeing moment for you, cherishable for decades. "

See yourself in a theme-based photoshoot and enjoy the hidden beauty in yourself.
If you have need for support and motiviation, we do encourage to bring a loved and trusted person along with you.

" The Studio is a trusted place for over 8 years, for an audience of all ages. "

Embrace the warm hospitality, a coaching chat and his professional approach that encourages a feeling of trust and confidence.
Trust the crafstmanship of the artist and enjoy the simplicity of just being there.
Be you, be easy, be the model you want to be.

The Fine-Art experience at PixelGigant will transform you in magical ways.
Give us your story, we make it Art.
   " BLACK FINISH " theme, sample photo above
- - -
" ME RETRO " theme, sample photo below
  " ME RETRO " theme, sample photo above
- - - 
" GOLDEN RIVER " theme, sample photo below
     " GOLDEN RIVER " theme, sample photo above
- - - 
" sensual FLOWERS " theme, sample photo below
- COMPLETE LIST OF Current themes -

2023 / 2024

" sensual flowers "

 Soft focus lingerie / sleepwear photoshoot with accompanying flowers / tule, very girly styled, soft, romantic, painterly series.
Age : 18+ / 16+ with parental aproval.

Starts from € 999

" Golden River "
Crackled Gold / Black base aquapaint covered nude full body shoot.
Age : 18+

Starts from € 999

" Golden shapeS "
Partially Gold leaf covered nude full bodyshoot, more structured final layer than the paint shoot,
Age : 18+

Starts from € 1499

" Black Finish "
Black paint covered nude bodyshoot, all audience, especially for partially inked models who wants a first tattoo photoshoot.
Age : 18+

Starts from € 999

" Me, Retro "
 Portrait / Torso "uncovered look" photoshoot, sepia toned, all audience view.
Age : 16+

Starts from € 499

- - - - - - - - - 

- Coming up themes -

2023 / 2024 / 2025

" Stranded Siren " - Casting now !
Water and flora photoshoot, sleepwear dressed. For waterlovers.
 Age : 16+

Starts from € 999

" The Human Streamline " - Casting now !
Soft artistic nude "see through tule" photoshoot, ballet/ dance look poses, full body.
Age : 18+

Starts from € 999

  " sensual FLOWERS " theme, sample photo below   
Your host, PixelGigant - Jovicic Thomas has started his photographic experiences at the age of 18 years.
After 22 years of passionated hard work, the 40 year old Expert has won the heart of many customers.
The repetitive new bookings year after year, are a sign of comfort and reliability.
Become a member in this growing group of happy customers and make your appointment today.

Overinspired ? Make an appointment for a bespoke edition for just yourself.

" GOLDEN SHAPES " theme, sample photo below
" ME, RETRO " theme, sample photo below
" ME, RETRO " theme, sample photo below
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