A devout form of dark art that expresses senses of grief ...

DARKNESS - the artwork

" In darkness we are conceived, and in darkness we evolve to the next. "

During the middle ages, the sober thought of death if not the after life fed the world of art by illustration in paintings and drawings.
This form of art, percieved occult, lost its symbolic attraction over time, eventhough we still do believe there is no light without darkness and visa versa.
For this reason we want to illuminate our darkened Fine-Art as a symbolic form of remembrance and a lasting respect to those we have lost.
For every grieving soul we provide this Fine-Art service with the humanity and respect to give you a elegant tangible symbolic remembrance of your lost one.
Also for everyone who works, serves and cares in the funeral sector or pays tribute to lost persons, we create wall-art that symbolizes
the grieve encountered in the process of acceptance.

" Our fine-art products are simulated scenes photographed with living models, in a well calculated pose that encourages sobriety and occult mindset / feeling. "
" The Artworks symbolyse grief and is not intended to offend anyone in any form. We respect every culture and belief with a professional approach "

LIGHT - custom service

" In light we are given birth, in the last light we become a memory "

As an alternative to the symbolic art above, we offer a worthy real service too.

We can be in control of the last light that is shone over the person, aiming to provide a lasting memory for the next generations.
Let our last flash of light discipate your shroud of grieve.

" For information about this service, feel free to contact us personally "

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