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We believe in YOU. Technically everyone is able to be a model.
By choice we do not work with modeling agencies, it is not impossible but as question rises, currently we don’t.
Our main reason, we create our art, with nothing injected by the other.

Interested in a photoshoot, feel free to ask. A warm welcome and a good conversation, combined with some friendly coaching can do miracles.


Photography is experienced as positive, by 99.99% of our customers.
With over two decades of experience, we can proudly say that " the relaxing experience " in our studio is the main reason for customers / models to come back.

" Hi, it's ... Can I book a new session soon ? I need to relax ... " 
This phrase is a real motivator for us to go on with our business and passion.

Free your mind, give yourself some quality time and cherish the results afterwards.
The mindfullness gathered in a studio session is really amazing.
Customers / models leave the studio happy, self confident and with a peace of mind. They probably feel that "they did it (again) " and they want more.

The moment the pictures are received are a relief. Pictures are pressious particles of time, given to yourself for your own wellbeing or to a loved one.


A photo session giftcard is a great gift to give or receive, if it is from a friend or a loved one, it is the heart of the gesture that counts.
When someone is worth receiving such a gift, we wholeheartedly extend this gift with a gesture of our own on top.
We feel that every given gift in its own is worth yet another gift, therefore we include a discount with our giftcards.
We offer giftcards for our photoshoot(s), print(s), poster(s), wall-art.

We make a selection from time to time, based on our vision and commercial mindset. We don't judge. Pictures for publicity are only used with authorisation of the customer / model seen on the artwork.
For new projects we plan several try-out shoots by time, in collaboration with a choosen model.

Interested in having a try-out photoshoot, or feeling that you are the choosen one as try-out model ?  Feel free to ask...

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Found on Google reviews :

1 review
" A true artist, what he has done for us is invaluable. "

Model Helena
1 review
" Funny photographer. I will plan a second shoot shortly. "

Model Emma
1 review
" Enjoyable photoshoot. Very friendly and pleasant photographer...  Very happy with the beautifull pictures. "

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1. Can I be a model ?

" It's all about you. The gaven parts from mother nature is one thing, having the right mindset is the other. 
In the present Media influenced world, the doubts are understandable but completely useless.  We believe in YOU. "
" We help people, we coach people, we make Art. We don't judge. "
- PixelGigant -

2. Do you ever do /need try-outs ?

" Yes, of course. We are human and we also trial and error. If you feel in love with Art, and you want to encourage the making of new Art, we need You ! "

3. I'm a student on a budget ...

" Been there, done that ... If interested, we encourage you to become a try-out model. "

4. Do I need to be experienced as a model / customer ?

" No. You will gain experience after every photosession for sure. :-) ". So time will tell.

5. I don't feel comfortable in the spotlights, will this be a problem to make nice pictures ?

"Hello, and welcome."
Even if it is or isn't your first shoot and you want to bring someone along, we encourage you to do so, we don't mind at all.
We love to meet and see people so why not ?
We want you to feel comfortable so we take time to talk to you and that we can get to know eachother a bit more.
If you don't feel like talking then that is ok too.
For us it is important to know as we strive to work with you with kindness, care and respect. 

Be and feel good and let us bring in the magic of a enjoyable shoot and give you the nice pictures you came to us for. 
6. You make your own art you said .... Can you make something custom for me or for B2B ?

" Of course. As long as we also believe and love the end product as well as concept behind it. "
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