- PixelGigant - The Vision -

" Experience. Medium Format Gear. Craftsmanship. Dedication. Next-level Editing. Luxury. "

Welcome to PixelGigant, Where Magic meets reality!

PixelGigant isn't just a brand; it's a magical journey curated by Jovicic Thomas. 
We're not just unique; we redefine uniqueness in the most extraordinary ways imaginable!

We're not your average company; we invest in things that matter most to you. With PixelGigant, you can expect:
•    Unbelievable Services: Prepare to be amazed!
•    Life-Changing Experiences: Get ready for a journey like no other.
•    100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Not happy? No bill. It's that simple!
•    The Ultimate Price/Quality Mix: We offer the best deals in the industry, without compromising on quality.

Step into our studio, and you'll enter a world of warmth and familiarity. 
It's not just a workplace; it's a sanctuary, where every corner exudes relaxation and comfort.
Unlike other photography studios, we don't believe in repetitive, soulless work. 
We're not a faceless corporation; we're a team of passionate individuals who care deeply about our craft and our customers. 
From the moment you walk through our doors, you'll feel the difference. We pride ourselves on our human approach, and our customers, of all ages, feel right at home in our presence.

Our final products aren't just photographs; they're pieces of art with a soul, capturing the essence of every moment.
Join us at PixelGigant, where every moment is magical, and every experience is unforgettable!

- The Master -

Born and raised in an artistic family, surrounded by professional art restorers, photographers, and illustrators, 
Thomas' passion for photography was nurtured from a young age. 
His insatiable hunger for knowledge and his unwavering persistence led him to pursue a five-year academic study in professional photography, alongside earning a degree in graphic design with distinction.
This diverse background has shaped him into a thoughtful artist, constantly seeking a unique approach and striving for perfection in every shot.
Through his work, Thomas has developed a personal style that blurs the lines between professionally post-processed images and pure photography.
By intentionally leaving small imperfections in the details, he creates a unique impression that sets his work apart.

"At PixelGigant, we find the perfect balance between selling what we're paid for and getting paid for what we sell."
- The Studio -

At PixelGigant, we believe in the power of versatility.  Our classic-styled studio boasts 6 interchangeable background systems
and a customizable setting that changes with the theme from time to time.
Following the principle that "less is more," our studio provides a functional space of 48m², equipped with all the necessary accommodations.
Welcome to a space where creativity knows no bounds.
- The Gear -
Thomas, the visionary behind PixelGigant, carefully selects his gear and products to match his mindset and commitment to excellence.
Currently, he relies on the incredible Hasselblad X2D Medium Format camera system.
However, at PixelGigant, we're always pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities. 
That's why we're constantly experimenting with other brands, searching for the next era in our craftsmanship. Just as our settings can change to fit our vision, so too can our choice of gear.
"Photographers search for the soul in an image, but Masters give a soul to an image."
- PixelGigant -​​​​​​​
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