- PixelGigant - The Vision -

PixelGigant, the brand by Jovicic Thomas, stands for a unique mix of magical things. We try to be unique in a very special way.
Our company mostly invests in things that are relevant for our customers.

We guarantee:

- Amazing services.
- Unique experiences in your life.
- 100% satisfaction guarantee (not happy, no bill)
- The best price / quality mix in the local industry.

Our studio, daily hired by other local photographers, stands for modesty, a warm familiar homely place, a relaxing spot.
We don't do repetitive serial machinework. We refuse to be a cold big business. The human approach stands out, the customers of all ages feel good in our presence.
The final products have a feelable soul.

- The Master -

Born and bread within an artistic family and having been surrounded by professional art restorers, photographers and illustrators has nurisched his passion for photography as a profession.
His hunger and persistance for knowledge has lead to pursuing a academic study of professional photography of 5 years and also finishing a graphic design degree with distinction.
This made him to be a thought out artist, looking for a unique approach and strive for perfection.

By creating a personal style which creates a doubt of when it is professionally post processed or pure photography by leaving intended small imperfections in detail, which gives his work a unique impression.

" A professional photographer sells what he gets paid for, a Master Photographer gets paid for what he sells. PixelGigant finds a balance in between. "
- PixelGigant -

- The Gear -

Thomas, owner of PixelGigant, chooses his gear and products that he envisions to be necessary to match his mindset and a purpose of satisfaction.
Relying on the amazing Fujifilm GFX Medium Format camera system as the gear of choice at this moment as well as having a warm heart for his Pentax Fullframe System as for its unique characterteristics.
Like the setting of choice, choice of gear can change too, to fit the vision of improvement.

" Photographers search for the soul in an image, Masters give a soul to an image. "
- PixelGigant -

- The Studio -

Use of a classic styled studio with 6 interchangable background systems and a customizable setting of a room with a theme that changes from time to time. Less being more as a fixed rule here.
Functional space of 48m² with the necessary accomodations.

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