Your Fine-Art Dreamcar on your wall ...

The name of our bespoke vehicle shoots and Fine Art Service !  Again 100% art ! 
 Every day we continue to build on our extensive range of automotives at home or abroad. 

" Amateurs search for the soul in an image, masters give a soul to an image ."

- PixelGigant -

Every " Pixelwheels " sooner or later conquers someone's heart !  Most images were made in unforeseen circumstances and are based 100% on improvisation of the moment.
Most images are shot on the spot, professionaly refined as you see it before you.

Our webshop will soon be here, where we will put our creations for sale in various sizes, prices and print runs. For more information you can always contact us !

" Photography is not just a hobby or a job, love or passion , the truth or fantasy. It's just the art of getting all these things together . "
- PixelGigant -

​All our Prints are Limited Editions and therefore not mass produced.

The larger the print size , the more limited the production is !
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